The most basic parts of a heater Balboa Water Group are the housing, sensors, white plastic heater nuts, bulkhead nuts, and on the inside, the heater element. On the outside of the heater housing will be the heater label, which has information such as the heater part number, serial number, and other information. You can find more information about your heater label in category Heating.

For Hot Tub:  Jacuzzi, Master SPA, Artesian SPA, Marquis SPA, QCA SPAS a další...

Balboa Water Group does not recommend the replacement of spa heater elements on any spa heater manufactured by Balboa Water Group. The heater element is a component placed into our heaters by our manufacturing team, using sophisticated instruments such as a micrometer to insure precise placement into the heater tube.

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Control unit Easy Nova Astrel is a versatile unit for all hot tub and swim spa. The Easy Nova system can control up to three jet pumps, a circulator pump and a ventilator. It also offers a speed control function (1 pump and 1 fan) via an external inverter. Once the so-called "autolearning procedure" is activated, the control unit can automatically detect the connected loads and their power supply. The programming key makes it possible to automatically determine the jacuzzi configuration without the use of a keyboard, which speeds up the installation during production.

The Astrel control units can also be used as spare parts for hydromassage whirlpools such as USSPA, Albatros, Jacuzzi, Hafro, Roca, Novellini, Teuco and Ideal Standard, as well as Chinese hot tubs.

Easy Nova Astrel is a versatile VS2 control unit that meets all the customer needs.

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Water manifold fittings have PVC parts in a hot tub that split the water flow from the pump to the jets. The main pump line is thus reduced to several sub-lines that connect directly or via another manifold to individual hot tub jet lines. A hot tub diverter valve allows specific zone control of the jet action in hot tubs. It allows you to divert water from one group of jets to another. Manifolds are used to distribute air or water to specific jets on hot tubs and spa brands like Wells, Master Spa, Mauquis Spa, Jacuzzi, Vita Spa, Sundance Spa and so on ...

Air manifolds are used to split the air flow from the air plumbing lines used when there is a blower installed or to distribute the venturi air to an air control valve.

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Filtration system for hot tub

Choosing the cartridge filters can be a bit confused, especially if you have never done a jacuzzi before. Therefore, it is good to know a few basic information before buying a filter.

When the water passes through the filter system, the filter traps a variety of unwanted bacteria and other impurities present in the water. The cleaner the better, the better the filter, the new filter will probably capture almost all sediments, minerals and bacteria that you do not want to have in your jacuzzi. However, the longer the filter is used and the longer it is in the water, the more its efficiency is reduced. Therefore, regular filter cleaning is very important.

Regular maintenance of the filter system will help you keep this situation and can also help you reduce the amount of damage caused by other parts of the hot tub during their lifetime. A damaged filter or clogged filter leads to dirt deposits on and around the filter. This can cause too many bacteria in the water or any other problem that could lead pipes, nipples and even the pump to destroy.

The filtration system is probably the most important part of the whirlpool.

  • Filter help keep the bacteria out of the reach of the skin.
  • Filter are beneficial to keeping the air outside your pipeline.
  • Filter make it easier to balance the chemical treatment in your water.

Jacuzzi simply can not work without a filter system.

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Balboa Water Group control panels include built-in hardware and software filters that optimize the power of Hot Tub or swim spa. The VL series control panels Balboa use "zero heating technology" so the components turn on and off when the AC power is disconnected. This means that their service life will increase. The patented Piezo® switch technology of the Balboa Water Group is a more reliable control panel thanks to a non-movable, non-contact, air gapless and non-electrical design. With Piezo® technology, the control panels Balboa Water Group are user-friendly and not only moisture proof but the control panel can be installed in the spas for easy use by the owner. The control panels are also four times larger than the average membrane sensors, which is the ideal fingertip size. Panels support the advanced features of GS controls that use the patented Balboa Water Group's M7® temperature and sensor technology and a universal control platform. Elegant panels have graphical LCDs with floating-function icons, maintenance alerts, and service alerts on an easy-to-read display.



Balboa Water Group's M7® for heating Technology is a breakthrough technology that does not require external temperature sensors or pressure and flow switches to a jacuzzi, swim spa, hot tub or spa. The patented Balboa Water Group M7® Control technology is used in all common control systems of the Balboa Water Group. M7® technology opens up new possibilities. This is a heating system that can be mounted on the suction or pressure side of the pump. M7® technology offers longer life than M7®- free systems.

Balboa Water Group's systems are equipped with automated diagnostics and electronic non-pressure switches. Breakthrough technology of temperature and flow sensors in one is unique in this industry and provides the foundation for greater reliability and ease of installation. Intelligent M7® sensors offer several security systems with a high limit value, eliminate over-activity and automatically adapt to the flow direction.

The Balboa Water Group control systems are used for whirlpools and Jacuzzi Hot Tub such as MARQUIS SPAS


Gecko Alliance Group Aqua-Flo pumps is a spa parts what provide more efficient water flow, which gives owners of whirlpools, home spa, outdoor spa or Jacuzzi has a greater benefits and lower operating costs. The Gecko Alliance Group pumps are certified for all markets and for it what all customer needs, ranging from the largest to the smallest hot tub and home spa.

Gecko Alliance Group's Eco-friendly Flo-Master XP2e pumps can be easily adjusted and calibrated to optimize performance and increase the energy efficiency of all  or home spa.


Effortless circulator pump Laing series E Baby pump for hot tub and swim spas have a efficient ECM motor, optimized hydraulice, low operational costs. Onboard intelligence automatically adjusts speed to ensure maximized efficiency and accurate performance to suit a wide range of performance requirements. Laing baby pump speed is infinitely variable and is automatically adjusted by the controller to optimize performance and efficiency. Circulation Laing has a sensorless operation and not external sensors are required. The only moving part is the rotor/impeller unit. The shaft, shaft seals and conventional bearing bushings have been eliminated. Pump and motor protection Laing E10 Baby pump will protect itself against, motor over load, voltage issues and pump overload.

The E10 Baby pump has 3 smart operating modes:

  • Proportional Pressure – Continuously adjusts the pump performance according to system demands. This mode of operation does not require external sensors and is recommended for systems with high pressure losses. The pump is configured to run in this mode at the factory.
  • Constant Pressure – The pump maintains the selected differential pressure at any flow rate. This mode of operation does not require external sensors and is recommended for systems with relatively small pressure losses.
  • Constant Speed – The pump maintains a fixed speed regardless of demand.

Auxiliary Functions

  • Automatic Air Purge to remove any air trapped in the pump
  • Standby use during long absences to minimize power consumption (<1w)

Laing circulation pumps are used by Hot Tub brands Master Spas, Hot Springs, Sundance Spas Sundance, Jacuzzi, Spring Spa, Canadian Dimension 1, LA Spa, Iberspa, Saratoga, Spa in a Box and more


LX Air Blower series AP for hot tub spa are first recommended products with low noise, long life, easy installation and competitive price. Air Blower company's LX most mature products and have been accepted by users. The casing is high reinforce and high temperature resistant engineering plastic. There are two types of structure: single impeller structure and double impeller structure. The differences of air pressure and air flow between single impeller ones and double impeller ones are inconspicuous. The wind of double impeller air blower is soft and comfortable. The life is greater than or equal to 1000 hours (continuous duty).There is fuse inside the motor, pneumatic switch control for easy operation.

Air Blower company's LX are the first choice products for hydromassage bath tub and SPA large pool.


  1. CE European Union mandatory safety certification
  2. TUV German safety certification
  3. RoHS certification which restrict using certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic
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